Figurines - Demons, Reapers, Skeletons

The Reapers Search 34.5cm
The Reapers Search 34.5cm Figurines
Holding a lamp in his left hand and a chain of skulls in his right, this...
See No, Hear No, Speak No Skeletons(Set 3) 8.5cm
See No, Hear No, Speak No Skeletons(Set 3) 8.5cm Figurines
Liven up any shelf with these three wise skeletons! Sitting on their own...
Angel of Death 28cm
Angel of Death 28cm Figurines
Shrouded by a hood pulled low over their face, the only part of this...
Screaming Wheels 18cm
Screaming Wheels 18cm Figurines
Nobody can slow the reaper down! Speeding into the sunset on their hog...
Death Blade 32cm
Death Blade 32cm Figurines
Death Blade stands solemnly, skeletal hands resting on the hilt of a...
Santa Muerte 29cm
Santa Muerte 29cm Figurines
Santa Muerte is a female deity in Mexican Catholicism. She is the...
Cat in a Hat 20.7cm
Cat in a Hat 20.7cm Figurines - Demons, Reapers, Skeletons
Standing on all fours, tail curling up in delight, this black cat looks...
Hell on the Highway (JR) 20.5cm
Hell on the Highway (JR) 20.5cm Figurines
On a deserted highway, with lightning striking behind him, this grim rider...
Final Sermon 21cm
Final Sermon 21cm Figurines
Standing alone to deliver the final sermon, this hooded figure stands with...
Final Check In 40cm
Final Check In 40cm Figurines
This menacing reaper makes a marvellous memento mori for any...
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