Figurines - Skulls

Celtic Iron 16cm
Celtic Iron 16cm Figurines
Cast in the finest resin before being expertly hand-painted, this Gothic...
Silent Night Bauble 4.3cm (Set of 12)
Silent Night Bauble 4.3cm (Set of 12) Hanging decorations
These realistic skulls are not what they seem! Adorned with a festive...
Ravens Remains 13cm
Ravens Remains 13cm Figurines
This piece looks as though it has risen from the pages of Edgar Allen...
Black Rose from the Dead 15cm
Black Rose from the Dead 15cm Figurines
This piece is perfect for anyone who loves romance. This simple skull is...
Celtic Decadence 18.5cm
Celtic Decadence 18.5cm Figurines
This realistic human skull is beautifully decorated with carved Baroque...
Astrological Skull 20cm
Astrological Skull 20cm Figurines
This realistic human skull has been intricately engraved with the zodiac...
Geode Skull 17cm
Geode Skull 17cm Figurines
The most unassuming façade can hide the most scintillating interior. This...
Sinister Smiles S/4 7cm
Sinister Smiles S/4 7cm Figurines
This set of four skulls are the perfect way to show your dark side. Each...
Abstraction 8cm
Abstraction 8cm Figurines
Sunken eye sockets and nasal aperture a deep black, these grinning skulls...
Hell's Desire 18cm
Hell's Desire 18cm Figurines
Dark grey, the bulk of this skull is covered in writhing nubile female...
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