Figurines - Steampunk

Mechanical Hatchling 11cm
Mechanical Hatchling 11cm Figurines
Sitting majestically, brass tail curled behind them, this Dragon hatchling...
Mind Machines 10.5cm (Set of 4)
Mind Machines 10.5cm (Set of 4) Figurines
This set of 4 skulls stares ahead with gaunt expressions. Brass cogs and...
Clockwork Kitty 16.5cm
Clockwork Kitty 16.5cm Figurines
Sitting up on its haunches, this black cat wears a brown leather harness,...
Steel Wing Skull 21cm
Steel Wing Skull 21cm Figurines
Staring straight ahead, this grimacing skull has cogs and pipes threaded...
Monocle Man 14.9cm
Monocle Man 14.9cm Figurines
Staring straight ahead, this skull’s right eye is obscured by a copper...
Techno Talk Large 19cm
Techno Talk Large 19cm Figurines
Covered in arcane and mysterious mechanisms, this skull has been modified...
Mechanical Respirator 17.4cm
Mechanical Respirator 17.4cm Figurines
Staring straight ahead, this skull’s eyes are obscured by brass goggles...
Bionic Ocular Receiver 23cm
Bionic Ocular Receiver 23cm Figurines
Mounted on a stand with horizontal cogs as the base, this Steampunk skull...
Nock's High-Powered Steam Gun
Nock's High-Powered Steam Gun Figurines
An exceptional decorative weapon with extraordinary details, a visual and...
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