About us

We like to think about Gothic Fairy as a magical place, where all lovers of gothic, alternative, fantasy, mythology, medieval, viking, celtic, spirituality, mystic, occult, new age and more can find items of extraordinary quality, created by reknown artists and producers.

From jewellery and accesories to most diverse decorations, each product has a great load of magic and emotion, that one drop of the fantastic that you need around you so you can forget about the monotony and the grey of your life.

Here, with us, you can begin, or continue, your journey to other enchanted lands.

Gothic Fairy is not a place for everyone, but you may just be able to adore us:

  • Because you're different!
  • Because you know, like we do, that the world is filled with magic.
  • Because without stories, myths and fantasy, life would be too monotone.
  • Because it helps you express yourself through every object that surrounds you.
  • Because we're kind, smiling and we treat our customers like we treat our best friends!

Our promise: to bring in your life a drop of magic, through unique products of special quality!

Our products are imported from UK, Germany, Poland or USA, created by famous producers and designers in the fantasy world: Alchemy England, Amy Brown, Anna Steinbauer, Anne Stokes, Christine Haworth, Daniel Smith, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Linda M. Jones, Linda Ravenscroft, Lisa Parker, Luna Lakota, Nemesis Now, Tom Wood, Julie Fain.

For a lot of our products, we are the sole importer in Romania and providers of many shops in tourist places around the country.

The online shop was created in 2015, and from july 2019 we also have a physical store in the center of Bucharest, on Bvd. Magheru 10, halfway between Piata Romana and Universitate, near hotel Ambasador. You can find our business hours and a phone number over at https://www.gothicfairy.ro/info/magazin-bucuresti.

Answers to our frequently asked questions: https://www.gothicfairy.ro/info/faq