How to buy

You can purchase any of our products in the following ways:

The location of our store is different to the location of our warehouse. Some products that appear in stock on our website will be available in the store, and others in the warehouse. If you wish to see a specific product, please call at 0745.77.00.84, to make sure it is still in our shop. There you can also come across exclusive products, that are not on our website.

On our website, some products will be in stock, others will first need to be shipped to us from our suppliers. This can last either 7-10 days or more, since the placement of your order. Their availability and the delivery time can be seen on each product site.

On our website, our products can be searched for using the following ways:

  • using the search button
  • the categories button
  • the list of styles (gothic, fantasy, steampunk etc.)
  • the new products button
  • the brands list
  • the tag list, where you can only find the 10 most searched, so here is the whole list:

Vrăjitoare     Unicorni        Dragoni       Zâne       Corbi         Cranii      Gargui

Demoni       Vampiri          Lupi             Flori        Luptători    Lilieci      Bufnițe

Îngeri           Steampunk   Scorpion     Paianjeni   Pisici       Sirene     Pădurea fermecată

Personaje de poveste      Iepure         Lună          Rune      Mitologie     Pentagramă

Grifoni            Medieval       Science Fiction          Ear cuff       Celtic          Viking

Gotic          Ciocanul lui Thor        Mjollnir         Magie        Magi           Elfi        Schelete

Zombi       Vârcolaci        Eroi           Zei antici

In case you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us. You can write us in the chat box, right bottom, or email us at or call us at 021.555.90.95 // 0745.77.00.90. The land of the fantastic is infinite and neither have us traveled all of its paths. Its creatures though, befriend us, so we can look for an object you might like, even if its not on our website. If it has even a drop of the fantastic, we'll find it for you.

How do I select my products?

When you find a product that you wish to purchase, click on the "Add to Basket" button. You will then be automatically directed to your basket page, where you may check your selected items, modify quantities or remove any item you no longer want. To go back and add more products, simply click the "Continue Shopping"  button.

Delivery information

After you've finished adding your items, you may click the "Place Order" button. If you're new, you can create a new account filling in the register form. It'll take only a minute or two, and then you can finally place your order. Alternatively, you can simply use a guest account.

In case your billing information is different from your delivery information, please select the "Use a new address" button and fill in the desired information.

Placing your order

The last step of this process is choosing your desired payment method. If there's anything else you want us to know while we're preparing your order, you may use the "Order Comment" field. After you've made sure you agree with our Terms and Conditions, please click the "Place Order" button to get to the final stage.

Depending on the order, you might be required to choose a shipping method as well. This might cost a little bit more. You can see the shipping costs before you'll confirm your order.

We offer free shipping for orders over 200 RON.

We'll ship your products to you using either Fancourier or GLS (both courier services) or to fixed pick-up points, where you can personally pick up your order, through for example.

If the chosen items are in stock, they can be sent the next day. If not in stock, your items will be delivered in 7-10 days, generally, or more. If you want your items to be delivered on a specific date, or maybe you want us to send you each item, or each group of items, as soon as it arrives, please let us know.